Friday, 2 May 2014

Been a Lazy day today!!!

So after a long week, I have finally had a day where I can basically do nothing..
Didn't get up until about 10. Which is late for me.. I then proceeded in watching TV for about 2 hours in my lovely pj's. I then finally decided to get dressed. I wasn't going out, so I just put on a pair off sweats a vest top and a sweat top. My hair was just up in a simple messy bun. Mum said I looked like I was in my pj's but I wasn't going out anywhere so I really didn't care.

I spent the rest off the day catching up on TV that I have missed from either working or college, I also spent the day eating a hell off a lot. I am now sat here on my laptop with my headphones in looking for inspiration for an outfit to wear for an interview that will be filmed for college. Mum said I should be worried about what I am gonna say but me being me I am more worried about what the hell I am gonna wear. .haha.....

Anyway I hope everyone else's week was brilliant. Got a long weekend now to decide what to do.. well I'd like to but I have work tomorrow and then again Monday... :) haha

K... xxxx

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