Monday, 14 April 2014

Ahhh!!! I'm soo excited.

What'd up people??? 

I'm sorry about that. I'm just extremely excited. Only 69 days till my holiday. I know it's a little far away but it's gonna be the first time in nearly 10 years that my family will be together for one off our legendary family vacations. 

We always stay in the UK but to me I wouldn't wanna go any other place. We always go for Cornwall but then I love t down there. It's about a 4 hour journey for me but then it's well worth it. Beautiful beaches, beautiful landscapes, amazing people, brilliant surf and well amazing weather. I've been going there for 16 years this year and well we've only had about a week off bad weather out off all those years. 

I love Cornwall with all my heart and it's a second home for me. One day of I could I would defiantly move there but any way that's well in the future. 

In trying to plan ahead for outfits ect as well mum and dad says I always take too much. Opps. But what do they expect a nearly 18 year old girl who loves fashion. You've gotta be prepared. 

Anyway I've already started my playlist for holiday. Each year I always do one where I can just relax on the beach or on long journeys and blast the holiday songs through my headphones or through the car or speakers and make lasting memories. 
From what I can remember as a little kid me and my siste le always used to make CDs for holiday. I remember one cd had barbie girl in and well my mum and dad had rediculous sun hats in the back with my sister and I and well we put them on and started to muck around. We were going through this little village and they were raising money for charity and they were singin along. For me memories like that are key for making an amazing holiday. It sounds stupid to outsiders looking in but then it's a crazy life I live. 

K xxxx 

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