Monday, 7 April 2014

What a Weekend!!

Ohh my what a day Saturday was. Had a long day at work and was knackered by the end off it. All i wanted was a nice relaxing day, but me being me I agreed to go shopping with my sister and her boyfriend. It was a good trip really, well after getting kinda lost! No one checked if the park and ride was open on a Sunday so we ended up parking in Cabot Circus (Bristol). I had an amazing day and got a few bargains.   

I went looking for a pair off shoes, accessories and a bag for a meal that im going to. The only way i can describe the colour is well a bogie green, I promise that it looks better than it sounds. Unfortunately I could not find anything in that colour. The meal is not until June but I like to get things over and done with. I promise when I'm all dressed and looking as beautiful as its possible I will post a photo.... So this is me out for the day!! Bye and remember to always look fabulous.. :) 
K. x 

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