Friday, 4 April 2014

Fashion isn't easy!!

On a daily basis, people go shopping and buy garments that they either need or want. To me I,do exactly the same, but i think it is more important than just buying garments that you need or in-fact need. 

I always go nut certain rules and well, for me they work. I am willing to share them with you so here it goes: 

  1. Only buy items that your in love with, and that way you'll definitely get the wear out of them. 
  2. Don't go buying things because you think that it will be alright. 
  3. ALWAYS try the item on. There is nothing worse than buying an ill fitting garment. 
  4. Don't let anyone influence your style.
  5. Know what your looking for. 
  6. Mix it up a bit.  
Fashion is such a wide spectrum. You have different styles, style icons to fit those styles, different jobs that affect the fashion industry in many different ways. It's a different world in the fashion industry. 

I'm always looking at photo's and magazine articles off my style icons. At the moment they are; 

 Eleanor Jane Calder (left) and Danielle Claire Peazer (right).. 
For me these are some off my style icons because they are not afraid to mix up their look, with the simplest accessory, or just by doing something different with their hair. 

They always look amazing in anything they wear and I love the fact that all the pieces that they have are from the high street or affordable online stores. 

Another off my 'style crushes' is Little Mix. For me they are all unique individuals but some how all look amazing when they are stood next to each other. 

No matter where I am, I ca say that I am constantly looking at photo's or the majority off the time online shopping. Whenever I'm waiting to go into a lesson I am on my iPod looking at different websites for something unique or even something simply beautiful that I can create a new look depending on what I wear said item with. 

Definitely I find it hard not to think about fashion 24/7!! My dream job would have to be either a designer that you find in ever wardrobe you look in, or a stylist for the stars. 

Wearing something that makes you feel confident and well like you can take on the world in is very important.Planning is a must for me. Each night i will try and have an idea of what i would like to wear the next day(of course being weather permitted). I like to do this so I can just get up put my clothes on and focus on my hair and make up. 

I may only be two months away from my 18th birthday but I Love Fashion and that takes up quite a lot off my brain.   


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