Thursday, 10 April 2014

Past few months!!

Wow!! Its been a whirl wind adventure..

I lost my best friend for telling her the truth, I then didn't get my dream job, I had to be strong for the family and well a hell off a lot of other stuff. At one point I thought I was gonna end up having a break down. 
The thing that I can say that helped me over come these hard times are Fashion and well music. Of course having my family and friends around did help but music and fashion I can get lost in and my troubles seem to go away for however long I am focusing on. It was an Escape-goat. 

I'm that type off person to take on everyone else's problems and help them out and then when it comes to mine thy take a back seat. At times with my friends, all I seem to do is well be a personal councilor. I do not mind helping but it comes to a point. 

Now a days I'm happy with myself and I still have those problems but I'm taking it a day at a time. I am a lot more happy and loving life. 

More posts to come... 

K xx

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